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Attention Soldiers,

We updated the Steam and Xbox Experimental applications of the game.


  • Added: 6B2 vest to the FIA Arsenal, as some of their soldiers use it

  • Added: Missing interaction hints for detonators

  • Changed: Replaced the USSR radio in the FIA catalog with the FIA radio


  • Added: Glove sound variations for different hand-related actions

  • Fixed: Sound events playing twice in inertia animations

  • Fixed: Missing audio for some commands and voice line seed randomization

Playable Content

  • Changed: Light vehicles like jeeps and UAZs are no longer available from the Heavy maintenance point

  • Changed: The cost of the Heavy maintenance point was increased to 350

  • Tweaked: Checkpoint and machine gun nest editable composition

  • Fixed: Combat Ops Everon - Boris' hideout vehicle de-spawned on approach when it should not

  • Fixed: Tutorial - Capturing course could not be completed

  • Fixed: Conflict - Incorrectly rotated bunker on the Arland map

  • Removed: Conflict - Pre-built but unusable antenna installation on Arland


  • Changed: Activation animation for the M34 detonator

  • Changed: Added blending between grenade locomotion and idle in the prone position

  • Tweaked: M997 front crew can no longer fall out when vehicle flips

  • Tweaked: Sway - Minimum sway set back to 33%, allowing for slight misalignment while the player is rotating in place; increased maximum sway speed up to 3.6

  • Tweaked: Sway - Increased steepness for more meaningful speed regulation; reduced vertical angular bob

  • Fixed: Wrong buffer in weapons graph inspection causing bad offset

  • Fixed: Improper third-person camera position in some cases after leaving a vehicle

  • Fixed: Ammo_127x108_APIT_BZT44 not correctly behaving like a tracer projectile

  • Fixed: Mi-8 passenger compartment issues

  • Fixed: Unflip could exert huge negative force depending on movement or rotation speed

  • Fixed: USSR field hospital had no interaction point for supplies

  • Fixed: Commanding radial menu no longer blocks the Game Master (GM) radial menu

  • Fixed: Notification for being unable to command now appears properly

  • Fixed: Bug where toggling auto-hover on helicopters sometimes would not work

  • Fixed: ADS persisted after the operator left the compartment

  • Fixed: Turret exit snapping

  • Fixed: Sway was too strong while walking slowly

  • Fixed: Clipping of character's arm through vehicle doors when the detonator is equipped

  • Fixed: USSR and FIA AI no longer attack their own deployed radios

  • Fixed: Blood decals not replicating on bayonets

  • Fixed: First-person view camera going under the ground in prone turns after interacting with vehicle doors

  • Fixed: Slow-moving missiles on client

  • Fixed: Freelook on RB preventing switching firing modes while in ADS


  • Added: Ability to set vehicle speed for AI via script

  • Changed: ChimeraAIGroup is considered inactive if it doesn't have any active agents

  • Changed: GetOut command now applies to the position of the vehicle the AI is in

  • Changed: Hazard lights are now used only for stuck movement results; auto-disabling of hazard lights for players has been fixed

  • Fixed: RoadNetwork may contain duplicate points near crossroads

  • Fixed: BaseRoad.GetPoints() returning invalid vectors

  • Fixed: AI no longer takes the pilot seat in helicopters when given the get-in command

  • Fixed: Soldiers from other players are no longer recruitable

  • Fixed: Commanded AI icon now disappears properly


  • Changed: Prevented scheduler from ticking when replication is in the loadtime state, and the busy handler thread is removing and creating nodes

  • Fixed: Crash due to a race condition between the main thread and busy handler thread in the scheduler

  • Fixed: Non-reproducible crash with the projectile simulation system

  • Fixed: World Editor - Vector tool crash

  • Fixed: Workbench - PrefabPreview - Crash caused by opening an invalid entity prefab

  • Fixed: Possible crash in DoorComponent

  • Fixed: Possible crash on task destruction

  • Fixed: Possible crash when vehicle parents didn't have proper physics but were moving

  • Fixed: RoadNetwork rebuild could freeze the entire game

Scenario Framework

  • Added: Repeated Task sample world

  • Added: Improved Spawn Object Action activation type settings and checking

  • Added: Action Delete Marker

  • Changed: Simplified getters for certain Actions

  • Fixed: Did not change return to continue in the action activation type improvement

  • Fixed: Plugin Spawn Point invoked when it should not be

  • Fixed: InitParentLayer returned false instead of true when it was successfully initialized

  • Fixed: VME caused by Destructors when child entities are already destroyed

  • Fixed: Unhandled behaviors when ScenarioFramework components are deleted

  • Fixed: Inventory items prefab not set up correctly, causing kick

  • Fixed: VMEs on empty groups that have ticking behavior trees

  • Reverted: Getter for AIAddWaypoint action


  • Added: Initial set of functions for the RplNode API

  • Added: Script API for getting the node of BaseRplComponent

  • Tweaked: Scope prefab inheritance of character modifier attributes

  • Removed: Gadgets - CanBeToggled() method from SCR_GadgetComponent

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