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Attention Soldiers,

We updated the Steam and Xbox Experimental applications of the game. Changelog


  • Added: Random Weather Changes parameter in mission header

  • Added: AI gets out & moves away from danger reaction when vehicle is on fire

  • Added: All weapons have a tailored depth of field intensity when using Bokeh

  • Added: New iteration of keyboard, mouse, and controller hints textures

  • Changed: Increased the Fuel Support Station range of fuel pumps to make refueling with larger vehicles easier

  • Changed: Radial menu items and visuals for better visibility

  • Fixed: Dropping a gadget due to falling unconscious

  • Fixed: Character could get stuck in item changing when they start falling right after exiting a vehicle

  • Fixed: Player could get stuck in inspect animation

  • Fixed: Magazine/grenade stuck to player's hand when reloading is interrupted

  • Fixed: Animations could get stuck on fast switching of gadgets

  • Fixed: AI could be spawned inside of supplies containers

  • Fixed: Supply count not updating properly in build mode

  • Fixed: Dropping weapons as the Host could drop them for connected clients

  • Fixed: Missing back door SFX in medical vehicles

  • Fixed: Player count was not updated in role selection

  • Fixed: Respawn button not changing visuals to disabled when timer is visible

  • Fixed: FIA hand radios now use their own encoding

  • Fixed: AI completion of SmartAction, correct door movement danger reaction

  • Fixed: AI took over the character when the character woke up from an unconscious state while player was controlling the AI character

  • Fixed: Squad member coloring for vehicle nametags and vehicle display name priority logic

  • Fixed: M923A1 Arsenal/Construction falls through the ground after spawning

  • Fixed: Players don't lose access to opened unconscious characters' inventories when they wake up and go away

  • Fixed: Rejoining a hosted server opened the deploy menu on the host

  • Fixed: Character exiting from a turret propped up on sandbags would exit in the air and drop down

  • Fixed: Arsenal loadout saving action not localizing properly when the language is changed

  • Fixed: Pointing didn't end until interrupted by another action

  • Fixed: A delay between hitting the Lights key and the light turning on on vehicle M923A1

  • Fixed: Changing faction of vehicle when occupied

  • Fixed: Character could clip through barbed wire when under it and standing up

  • Fixed: Changing dynamic stance from crouch to stand could clip through walls

  • Fixed: Incorrect control hint shown in inventory when an item was selected via gamepad

  • Fixed: Extra sound when opening task list from map menu

  • Fixed: Possible missing physics component during vehicle initialization

  • Fixed: Moving Items directly to a vehicle while the vehicle storage is opened and the trunk is full will now move the item into cargo if it is available and has space

  • Fixed: Radial menu is now blocking aiming with mouse

  • Fixed: Topographic 2D map hints are now contextual instead of visible all the time

  • Fixed: Deploy menu tooltips were not colorized

  • Fixed: Living quarters AI were not added to same group if there was combat during spawning

  • Fixed: Map radial menu open input filter changed to down from click

  • Fixed: Doubled number icons on quickbar

  • Fixed: Belt/magazine animation when reloading machine guns

  • Fixed: Doors in some buildings are no longer opening the wrong way

  • Fixed: Climb action on a ladder was not being clamped to radius set in context

  • Fixed: Removed duplicated entities on both maps


  • Fixed: Bodies and items were not deleted correctly by garbage collector

  • Fixed: Possible crash when using a turret 

  • Fixed: Possible crash on collisions with scaled trimesh geometries

  • Fixed: Items and Vehicles are now correctly cleaned up

  • Fixed: Workbench crash on startup with missing dependencies

  • Fixed: Crash caused by settings loading race condition

  • Fixed: Crash caused by reload while a turret was being deleted

  • Fixed: Possible crash when dragging support gadgets into cloth slots in inventory

  • Fixed: VME in getting compartments

  • Fixed: VME when deleting a vehicle

  • Fixed: Possible VME when using gadget on the map

  • Fixed: VME when AI is removed through Game Master when walking out of Living Quarters


  • Added: SightComponent's can force the nearby DOF to be simple depth of field for this sight

  • Added: Option to set additional respawn time per spawn point

  • Fixed: Infinite ammo debug was deleting ammo after reloading

  • Removed: The garbage system has been reverted to Garbage Manager for the time being until the next major update

Server Administration

  • Fixed: #logout was not working on Dedicated Servers/Listen Server

  • Fixed: RCON - Permission settings are not working properly

  • Fixed: Admin panel ban/kick does nothing

Game Master

  • Added: Static compositions are blacklisted from Game Master (GM) asset browser and are only available at specific places in world

  • Fixed: VON radial menu opening in other menus (GM asset browser, player list) is prevented

  • Fixed: Audible heartbeat when bleeding in GM

  • Fixed: Arma vision player character effects were applied to the enemy faction

  • Fixed: A player created through GM was not part of a group

  • Fixed: Many entities in compositions still had placeholder images

Playable Content

  • Changed: Increased deploy time on bases under attack

  • Changed: Fuel depots built in bases no longer affect the seizing timer

  • Changed: Only update spawn points when the amount of resources in the base changes

  • Changed: Rules of supplies being generated in bases

  • Fixed: Enemy faction can no longer observe the map icon flashing when you start capturing a base

  • Fixed: Building & dismantling services in bases now have real-time effect on the seizing timer

  • Fixed: Living Quarters and vehicle depots placed by previous faction and built by new base owner had wrong faction assigned

  • Fixed: Base services were not registered properly sometimes

  • Fixed: Transporting dead crew members no longer awards rank progression (T176697)

  • Fixed: The loadout cost was not shown in the deploy menu

  • Fixed: Vehicle support station modules were not indestructible

  • Fixed: Conflict base spawnpoints were sometimes disabled after loading a save

  • Fixed: Transport request timer is reset upon reconnecting

  • Fixed: Tutorial sniper position is no longer on tower, but on a mat under it

  • Fixed: Changed advanced driving tutorial last stage duration to match hint duration

  • Fixed: Radio announcer line for the refueling station was played when US helipad was built

  • Fixed: "Not enough resources" action now takes priority over "Rank limitation" when building

Scenario Framework

  • Added: SlotMarker

  • Added: Options to set AI Skill and minimum number of units after balance calculations for SlotAI

  • Added: ToggleLight action

  • Fixed: Sample world errors and warnings

  • Fixed: Debug in GameModeManager doesn't spawn tasks

  • Fixed: Reentering Clear Area task area via Teleport results in Completion

  • Fixed: Trigger notification shows wrong minimum number of players needed

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