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Attention Soldiers,

We updated the Steam and Xbox Experimental applications of the game. Changelog


  • Changed: Red dot carry handle optics now hide parts of the model to avoid "tube" effect

  • Changed: Arsenal contents, now all weapons start without attachments

  • Changed: Added back the green M16 rifles, carbine, and optics

  • Tweaked: AI perception light curves

  • Tweaked: Adjusted swimming collider size

  • Fixed: Slot selection with mouse wheel was changing character speed

  • Fixed: Characters were sometimes sitting sideways in vehicles

  • Fixed: Misplaced hands when using new UAZ with machine guns

  • Fixed: Soviet medical bag was causing shouldered weapons to create a gap between weapons and body

  • Fixed: UK59 ejection port never closing after firing

  • Fixed: No animation was played when jumping unarmed

  • Fixed: Correct ammo string for NSV ammo box

  • Fixed: Supplies were shown incorrectly when opening inventory container

  • Fixed: Character should not jump up/down when manning static turrets

  • Fixed: Position of unconscious crew in S1203

  • Fixed: Objective description was not visible when using controller to select task

  • Fixed: No refund when disassembling a composition

  • Fixed: Hosting a listen server now properly stops ongoing addon downloads

  • Fixed: Freelook was reset when opening pause menu

  • Fixed: Chat window was still visible in Armavision when UI was turned off

  • Fixed: Freelook was behaving incorrectly in some vehicles

  • Fixed: Single deaths sometimes counted as multiple deaths

  • Fixed: Sight zeroing could be unaligned for newly equipped weapons

  • Fixed: Missing sound of turret hitting aiming limits

Playable Content

  • Added: Game Master can now enable and disable supplies on entities with supply usage as well as globally

  • Changed: Rank limitation for Requesting AI and building Barracks has been changed to Sergeant

  • Changed: Vehicle request no longer affected by enemy presence in the base

  • Fixed: Wrongly calculated budgets GM/Free Roam Building when more players were in building mode

  • Fixed: Tutorial: Take long-range radio was not available

  • Fixed: Combat Ops: Support Attack in Saint Pierre could not be completed

  • Fixed: Conflict: Objectives should now correctly reflect the current base owners

  • Fixed: Helicopter placement was often impossible due to obstruction

  • Fixed: Icons of finished or canceled tasks were still present in the map when loading a save

  • Fixed: Objectives list can now be closed with the escape key


  • Fixed: Obsolete addon could be incorrectly marked as removed instead of obsolete in UI

  • Fixed: Scenario Framework: Slots were not sending invoker when entity was already spawned


  • Fixed: Possible server crash when mass killing AI on ladder

  • Fixed: High memory consumption when using large enum value in ECommonItemType

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