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Attention soldiers,

We're going to update the Steam and Xbox Experimental applications of the game. The game will be updated today, August 24th. There will be server downtime between 12:00 - 15:00 CET. Changelog


  • Added: Everon - New Power plant location

  • Added: Everon - Tourist trails

  • Added: Everon - Set of recreational props

  • Added: Everon - Flavor update (murals, posters, notice boards)

  • Added: New color variants of Church_01

  • Added: New variants of cargo containers

  • Added: Ocean simulation synchronization

  • Changed: Everon - Satmap updated

  • Changed: Increased saline bag effect from 30 to 90 seconds

  • Changed: Map markers configured

  • Tweaked: Blending of ADS state in different situations

  • Fixed: ArmaVision Camera was visible on the map which allowed players to exploit it as a map marker.

  • Fixed: HUD Manager's Layer Handlers didn't register themselves to HUD Manager upon initialization.

  • Fixed: Base supplies are no longer deducted for pre-built services when loading a save

  • Fixed: Game Master budgets desynchronizing for clients

  • Fixed: Newly joined Game Master Clients have the wrong budget information

  • Fixed: Arland base couldn't be captured because defender FIA AI was spawned inside a fuel tank


  • Changed: AI simulation was spread through multiple frames by default

  • Fixed: Navmesh Server should run only when using Workbench


  • Added: Ambient Insects

  • Added: Shore wave effect

  • Added: Tessendorf foam accumulation

  • Added: Particles - Emissivity curve

  • Added: Per-effect particle collision presets

  • Added: Particle lights - world-space relative y-translation

  • Added: Particle light shadows

  • Changed: Forest Generator now supports partial regeneration

  • Tweaked: Particle emissivity multiplier - better behavior for LV < 0

  • Tweaked: Particles - Better behavior of emissivity map


  • Fixed: Compartment occupant was cleared too early leading to a server crash later

  • Fixed: Crash that happened when destructible entities had HandleDamage called with non-valid damage types

  • Fixed: Crash when trying to host the game from the client

  • Fixed: Crash when download fails due to lack of storage space

  • Fixed: Workbench crash with EquipedLoadoutStorageComponent

  • Fixed: Crash caused by improper handling of controls

  • Fixed: Linux server crash with DetachEntity


  • Added: Downloading calculation of size between version patches

  • Added: Author block/report cancel when joining a server

  • Tweaked: Workshop - download speed optimization

  • Fixed: Crash when addon download fails due to CRC check or corrupted SHA

  • Fixed: Workshop - download may freeze if the connection is unstable


  • Added: ParticleEffectEntity is now replacing SCR_ParticleEmitter

  • Added: BaseWorld::GetTimeSlice script API

  • Added: Ability to disable AIGroup/AIAgent from script and code

  • Added: Particles API getters/setters support for Max LV param


  • Added: WaterDepth signal

  • Added: Dedicated sounds for explosions in water

Known Issues

  • All vehicles will disappear after 10 minutes of not using them

  • Deleting all dead bodies and destroyed vehicles with the GM can lead to the kick of all GMs from the server

    • Workaround: Delete entities in smaller batches.

  • Some buildings/compositions can be built without a proper obstruction check making these buildings/compositions unusable 

  • After enabling a previously disabled add-on, included missions are not displayed in the "Scenarios" tab until the game is restarted

  • Characters in the turrets sometimes start drifting away creating a surrealistic portrait of a man with really long arms holding a turret

  • Deleting objects/fortifications does not reimburse supplies when it was built from a supply truck but deleted from the camp's freebuilding mode

  • Players sometimes cannot join already existing groups on the server after they connect

  • Exploding on own placed mines while in a vehicle counts as Friendly Fire on DS

  • Respawning on the radio in the vehicle will not allow players to use gadgets

  • Screen effects (from blood loss for example) are displayed over UI elements such as chat

  • Radiofrequency defaults to 32 (or 38 for Soviets) no matter the group

  • Downloading progress can overflow 100% due to wrong data count. This happens when downloading of the same addon is paused and unpaused

  • Xbox: The player isn't informed about full addon storage

  • AIs can teleport behind the wall if they are not able to get there normally

  • Players can get stuck in a tripod turret if they fall into an unconscious state and get healed

  • The turret will continue firing when a player enters an unconscious state while shooting

  • A client can crash after trying to download the mod again with an unstable connection

  • Players in gunner position can't capture bases

  • Entity filters in GM do not work properly

  • Incorrect faction player count in the Deploy Menu

  • Binoculars overlay can get stuck on the player's screen after entering/leaving GM/ArmaVision

  • VFX explosion is triggered when the vehicle hull hit zone receives damage

  • Using a lightning strike with GM that has a character placed in the scenario will not do anything

    • GM needs to delete his character or change the keybinding for the lightning strike


  • Server performance can be greatly reduced when replicating a high number of characters (players + AIs), and this issue becomes more prominent with increased limits, making it difficult to handle 128 players and 200+ AIs.

    • Playing Everon Conflict with 128 players is not recommended, while Arland might be more feasible due to its smaller size and fewer AI spawns. Pure PvP without AIs could be a potential alternative for larger player counts.

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