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Attention soldiers,

We're going to update the Steam and Xbox Experimental applications of the game. The game will be updated today, April 6th. There will be server downtime between 12:00 - 15:00 CET.

Importantly, this changelog is aggregated to previous experimental version Changelog


  • Added: Free Roam Building Composition direction indicator

  • Added: Peaked cap for USSR hvt character

  • Changed: Free Roam Building -  New implementation of the ranks limitation

  • Changed: Build support structure task disabled

  • Changed: DamageManager.HandleDamage now takes instigator as a parameter instead of damageSource

  • Tweaked: Tripod prefabs + compositions which use them. Also assigned correct anim graphs to tripods and tweaked compartment accessibility

  • Fixed: Free Roam Building - it's no more possible to place composition into the water

  • Fixed: Null pointer to instance in SetAIWaypoint function

  • Fixed: Multiple cases where instigators would be reset before player deaths

  • Fixed: Missing viewgeo of DoorFrame_MetalGate_04_Small

  • Removed: MineFlag from BTR to prevent error spam

Modding - General

  • Added: Version of MpTest world without game mode and any other prefabs which can be used by the community to test their custom game modes

  • Added: Tracer bullet base prefab (Ammo_BulletTracer_Base) for community usage.

VFX Update

  • Added: Case for 762x39PS, tweak material

  • Removed:  PI division for diffuse lighting 

  • Removed: Casings on vehicle roof impact bank


  • Fixed: Linux DS crash on bleeding particle FX

  • Fixed: Crash in font rendering

  • Fixed: Render Crash - Loading GM save with character holding RHS AN/PRC-152 radio

  • Fixed: Crash while loading configs when a lot of mods were enabled

  • Fixed: Crash on deleted Resource name of Behavior tree that was stored in BTmanager


  • Fixed: Flickering shadows

  • Fixed: River flow maps are not present in the built data


  • Fixed: Loading of offline available addons, corrupted addons shouldn't prevent game starting

  • Fixed: Crash when opening Workshop when you have lots of mods

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