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Attention Soldiers,

We're going to update the Steam and Xbox versions of the game. The game will be updated today, December 8th. There will be server downtime between 12:00 - 15:00 CET. Changelog


  • Added: Custom arsenal into Combat Ops and the possibility to save loadout and spawn with it

  • Added: Conflict - MP serialization, client data (stored faction & rank)

  • Fixed: Login dialog password obfuscation

  • Fixed: Explosions are now traced against the center of mass, not the origin

  • Fixed: Explosions would not be blocked by walls

  • Tweaked: Damage computation for explosions

  • Tweaked: 2D Map - Update default values on Rasterization export

  • Fixed: Avoid swapping AI movement components if the controlled entity is a player

  • Fixed: Gamepad usage of GadgetMap (DPad Right + B) does not prevent GetOut action

  • Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Task notification pop-up duplication when someone assigns/unassigns task

  • Fixed: Missing penalty component to CombatOps

  • Fixed: Weapon unequippable after being slung and then moved in inventory to a different slot

  • Fixed: ScenarioFramework Deliver Intel glitch can cause the Exfil task to appear

  • Fixed: Game slowdown caused by shooting into water bodies (ponds, lakes, rivers), fixes incorrect behavior of water impact particles

  • Fixed: Script error when entering a turret compartment with an empty weapon slot

  • Fixed: Conflict: Wrong assets spawned around relay towers

  • Fixed: Leaning not replicated properly

  • Fixed: Character state stayed modified even after the item in hand was deleted


  • Fixed: Backend Crash when the player is removed during authentication

  • Fixed: Crash when the inheritance of unrelated classes, fixes crash on modded loadouts

  • Fixed: Crash when there is a type mismatch in BTNode inputs

  • Fixed: Crash on ResetVehicle not handling missing entity

  • Fixed: Memory leak in the scripted camera

  • Fixed: Crash in audio caused by delays

  • Fixed: Crash when BaseLoadoutClothComponent's area type is not set

  • Fixed: Memory leak when server shutdowns immediately after creation

  • Fixed: Crash because HelicopterControllerComponent doesn't perform validity check when running simulation

Enfusion Blender Tools

  • Changed: Any game data processing is now done via Workbench Bridge, following are the features that require running a version of Workbench (Operator's/Property's description contains a warning too):

    • TXA export

    • Enfusion materials import(Enfusion Tools → Import → FBX)

    • FBX export(Enfusion Tools → Export→ FBX)

    • Colliders Setup

    • Model Quality Assurance(only if " 'usage' Property " is checked)

  • Changed: Model Quality Assurance now uses Geometry Nodes setup to visually indicate invalid geometry(see "Invalid Topology" Collection)

  • Changed: New TXA export interface

    • Better general look - no longer need to expand the right panel to see parameters

    • Export profiles & diff poses are reliably stored in the file itself

    • Ability to search through export profiles and diff poses

  • Tweaked: Significant improvement to TXA exporter speed while exporting more complex actions

  • Fixed: Exporting of weapon IK poses

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