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Audio Editor Tutorial

Welcome to the Audio Editor Tutorial (parts 1 & 2)! Continuing with sharing guides from developers working on Arma Reforger, this time, we bring you a tutorial made by our sound designer and modder from the Arma community, Leon Beilmann, AKA LAxemann. Read intel from him below, watch the videos and enjoy!

Hey everybody,

My name is Leon, AKA LAxemann in the Arma community. When starting sound modding for Arma 3 back in the day, there was a blatantly obvious lack of proper documentation for the audio aspect of the game.
After joining the Arma Reforger (and Arma 4, going forward) team, we wanted to make sure to improve on this. The planned ongoing video tutorial series linked below is only a part of this effort, though!
In case you have more questions concerning anything audio-related for both Arma Reforger or the Enfusion Engine in general, you can:

Happy creating, and a lovely rest of the year


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