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CRX Enfusion A.I.

by ATiM-
CRX Enfusion A.I.


* ------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Arma Reforger: CRX Enfusion A.I. Modification * ------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW A.I. Behaviors: ------------------------------- - A.I. Suppression Behavior - A.I. Building Defend Behavior - A.I. Reveal/Infoshare Behavior ( WIP ) NEW A.I. Systems: ----------------------------- - A.I. Rank & Skill System - A.I. Combat Movement System - A.I. Aiming Accuracy System - A.I. Cover Utilization System - A.I. Overpowered Rating System ( WIP ) NEW A.I. Game Master GUI: ------------------------------------- - A.I. Stance GUI - A.I. Rank & Skill GUI - A.I. Investigate GUI - CRX A.I. System GUI NEW A.I. Features: ------------------------------ - A.I. Friendly Weapon Fire Reaction Feature VANILLA Modified A.I. Behaviors: --------------------------------------------------- - A.I. Idle Behavior - A.I. Defend Behavior - A.I. Combat Behavior - A.I. Keep In Formation Behavior - A.I. Move And Investigate Behavior - A.I. Find Fire Position Behavior ( SNIPER ) * WIP = Already working and implemented A.I. System/Feature/Behavior but require additional tweaking/testing. Main CRX - Enfusin A.I. thread: > ENFUSION - MISCELLANEOUS > "enf_showcases" > CRX - Enfusion A.I. The Arma Reforger CRX Enfusion A.I. Modification is the directly successor of the Enfusion A.I. modification. CRX Enfusion A.I. has been build from scratch but with everything in mind learnd and discovered during Enfusion A.I. development. The CRX Enfusion A.I. modification features a lot of new dynamic and highly improved/optimized and modified A.I. systems A.I. behaviors and A.I. features. Also the CRX Enfusion A.I. modification was build with and around vanilla enfusion A.I. to make sure it will always be capable to adopt/keep track of new/improved vanilla A.I. changes. Hint: ------- Use CLI: "-scrDefine CRX_DEBUG" to enable A.I. visual debug feature. Credits: ------------ B.I. ( Bohemia Interactive ) - Arma Reforger ( Early Access ) CRX Enfusion A.I. modification - ATiM- ( Discord ) Special thanks: ------------------------ Bacon Spyke MarioE Arkensor

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